Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten

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Let's Add.jpg

Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten


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Introduce, practice, and/or review addition concepts with this packet of worksheets. The addition materials in this packet progress from worksheets that provide support for young mathematicians to worksheets that challenge students to independently solve addition problems

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This packet includes four different levels:

Addition with pictures; students trace numbers, then write the sum.
Addition with pictures; students write all necessary numbers.
Addition with counters and a 10-frame; students solve the problem and write the sum.
Addition equations; students figure out addition problems independently.

Six worksheets are included for each approach. The problems in each set progress from easier to more challenging problems. Each set includes practice with sums between zero and ten.

Total Pages: 27

I am especially interested in the pages that have pictures and lines below, a great introduction to numerals. Hope you make more.
— Jyetta
Awesome Resource !!!
Great Bundle! Thank you!
— Christina F.
Loved these for teaching my beginning students addition!
— Renee F.
Great practice sheets! Thanks!
— Dale B.