Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten


Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten


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Introduce, practice, and/or review subtraction concepts with this packet of worksheets.

The subtraction materials in this packet progress from worksheets that provide support for young mathematicians to worksheets that challenge students to independently solve problems.

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The four different levels of subtraction practice include the following:

Subtraction with pictures; students trace the numbers, then write the answer.
Subtraction with pictures; students write and trace the numbers.
Subtraction with counters and a 10-frame; students write answers.
Subtraction equations; students figure out subtraction problems independently.

Six worksheets are included for each approach. The problems in each set progress from easier to more challenging problems. Each set includes practice with numbers between zero and ten.

Total Pages: 27

I used these pages a lot in my kinder classroom.
— Sheilah K.
Love this! simple and sweet!
— jackie R.
Very helpful. Love the manipulatives.
— josie S.
Easy to differentiate!
— Erin L.