Operations and Algebraic Thinking


Operations and Algebraic Thinking


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Be assured that you are giving your students ample practice with Operations & Algebraic Thinking, by using this "Developmentally Appropriate" unit.

Two games or activities are included that cover each standard.

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Contents Include:

Addition Trains: Solving Addition Problems
Kids at School: Represent Addition & Subtraction Problems
Math Journal Page: Represent Addition & Subtraction Problems
Fill the Aquarium: Solving Word Problems
Teddy Bears: Solving Word Problems
Gym Combinations: Making Number Combinations
Little Monsters: Decomposing Numbers
A Frog's Lunch: Making Combinations
Robots: Making Sums of 10
Bears and Shells: Solving Subtraction Problems.
Make it 5!: Adding Fluently to 5

Time saver for sure!
great number sense resource!
My students will enjoy these activities to help them learn about decomposing and composing numbers.
Thank you!