Fairy Tales

The Three Little Pigs


I love bringing fairy and folk tales into my classroom, I could focus on these tales all year long and still not run out of fun, rigorous, and purposeful material for my students!

These great tales are a fabulous way to study positive and negative character traits, other cultures, learn effective decision making, how to handle conflict, and natural consequences. It’s no wonder that these tales have been told for centuries!

As I begin my folk tale unit, I am always amazed at just how many students have never heard of some of my favorite stories such as the Three Little Pigs. They are in for a treat! I begin the study of such stories with a few props such as a few sticks, a handful of straw, and a brick. With props in hand, I tell the story orally. This is my favorite way of introducing these types of stories; children are captivated by the storytellers voice and steady eye contact. Listening to a story told orally is a very personal experience as students connect without distractions of pictures. They are able to visualize images mages in their own head. Listening to an oral telling will also stimulate language because the listener must process information through verbal prompts and gestures, allowing them to listen more closely to human vocabulary, grammar and syntax. They are also able to more easily connect to the real emotions of a story. These stories have lasted as long as they have because they first existed orally, with all the learning benefits which that entails, and I think it’s important to retain that history in my first telling.

My students enjoy the first telling so much and now they are ready for deeper study, such as story elements, author's purpose, and character study. After the oral introduction to the story, it is time to dive into some great book adaptations. Here are some of my favorites.

I also like to bring in this favorite video version of mine. There are actually several Silly Symphony Versions you will want to search for on Youtube.

Thematic Classroom Fun

Now it is time to bring the story alive in the classroom to make connections that will build important academic skills in an authentic way.

Here are a few of the activities that we enjoyed through The Three Pig theme week.

Dramatic Play

Read a CVC Word, but watch out for the Big Bad Wolf!

Shake a Pig. Which word will he land on next?

Making puppets for retelling at the art center.

Reading a Three pig “Just at my level” guided reader.

Retelling the story at the StoryBox Center.

Retelling the story at the StoryBox Center.

The Three Pigs Guided Drawing

The Three Pigs Guided Drawing

Little Pig Writing at the Writing Center

Little Pig Writing at the Writing Center

Creating a Three Pig version at the STEM (Block) Center.

Creating a Three Pig version at the STEM (Block) Center.

Find The Pig Teen Number Game at the Math Center

Find The Pig Teen Number Game at the Math Center

Do you want to extend your student’s learning through a thematic study of folk tales? Don’t reinvent the wheel! I’ve already done the work for you!

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Kindergarten Has A Fairy Tale Ending

I have ended the kindergarten year many different ways, but probably my most favorite is to end the year with fairy tales. Besides being a lot of fun, fairy tales are filled with great examples of bravery, persistence, problem solving, ways to react to adversity, and much much more! We then list what we have learned from fairy tales to help us find our "Happily Ever Afters."

We sell a great unit filled with fun and learning that is, as all of our units are, strategically linked to the Common Core Standards.

Jack and The Beanstalk, Abiyoyo, and Other Giants

I love teaching Folk Tales to kindergartners!

 We began the unit with one of my favorite books, Abiyoyo. Kindergartners LOVE this book, especially the slobbery teeth, stinky feet, and the dirty fingernails. There is a great short from Reading Rainbow that tells how the author came up with the story (another Common Core Standard taught, check).

The last two days we have spent on Jack and the Beanstalk, that other little boy, Jim and the Beanstalk, and Kate and the Beanstalk.

These books are great introductions for "The Land of Big and Small," also know as measuring.  Today we made cooperative BIG giants and posed for a SMALL version of us. These creations along with some stories about giants are now proudly displayed outside of our door.
If you work with any fables you may want to check out our unit, Giants, Trolls and the Big Bad Wolf. For more Fairy Tale Fun, check out both thematic units.

Bears in Kindergarten

We have been studying bears this week, and will continue into next week. Bears is a great unit to study fiction and non-fiction and make comparisons.

The non-fiction study easily lends itself to studying key details in text. The fiction study is a great way to make the elements of a story come alive!

Story Elements

Key Details in Text

Bringing Story Elements to Life

The Three Bears

Who doesn't love The Three Bears! This thematic includes fun and engaging common core based activities.

Contents include: 

Shared Reading Lessons

Three Brown Bears: Analyzing Directionality and Word Spelling

Story Element Cards: Analyzing Key Details

Literacy Lessons:

A Bowl of Porridge: Naming Letters (Alternate: Decoding Words)

Rhyming Friends: Matching Rhymes

Goldie Comes to Visit: Blending Phonemes into Words

Bear School: Speaking Complete Sentences

Math Lessons:

Bear Play: Decomposing Numbers less than 10

Porridge Yum Plus One: Adding one to create a sum that is one larger

Race in the Woods: Comparing Numbers

Sweet Baby Bear: Counting Forward

Independent Activities

Three Bear Number Hunt: Writing Numerals to match quantity.

Goldilocks Goes to School: Identifying quantity using Ten-Frames and writing numerals

Art Projects

Three Bear Construct


Three Bear Puppets


Three Bear Word Wall

I Can Label It

I Can Write a Story

Writing Prompts: 

The Three Bears


Social Studies

My Family: A Family Home-Connection Sheet

Guided Reading Books

The Three Bears (Two Levels)



Three Brown Bears

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Enjoy this free song poster that is included in this unit: