Jack and The Beanstalk, Abiyoyo, and Other Giants

I love teaching Folk Tales to kindergartners!

 We began the unit with one of my favorite books, Abiyoyo. Kindergartners LOVE this book, especially the slobbery teeth, stinky feet, and the dirty fingernails. There is a great short from Reading Rainbow that tells how the author came up with the story (another Common Core Standard taught, check).

The last two days we have spent on Jack and the Beanstalk, that other little boy, Jim and the Beanstalk, and Kate and the Beanstalk.

These books are great introductions for "The Land of Big and Small," also know as measuring.  Today we made cooperative BIG giants and posed for a SMALL version of us. These creations along with some stories about giants are now proudly displayed outside of our door.
If you work with any fables you may want to check out our unit, Giants, Trolls and the Big Bad Wolf. For more Fairy Tale Fun, check out both thematic units.