The Three Bears: A Free Song Poster

Who doesn't love the three bears! This song is always a lot of fun for my students and I to sing as we are doing our thematic study of The Three Bears. This song adds to student's comprehension, sequencing, and allows for students to further explore story elements such as characters.

To make this song into a chart size poster, simply copy this jpg into iphoto or whatever photo management system you use and then save it on a thumb-drive as a jpeg. Take this to your local photo store ( I really like Sam's Club for this) and make it into a poster. Or print as a poster using the print menu as a pdf. Be sure to laminate to make the colors more brilliant and for durability.  Enjoy!


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The Three Bears and a Family Thematic Unit

Thanksgiving is the perfect season to talk about the importance of families, and to celebrate the importance they play in our lives.

To begin my unit study on families, I love to start with two of my favorite books, "Hairy Bear," and  "The Three Bears." 

After discussing fantasy stories, where animals talk, we move to the discussion to the families of each of my students. This unit always seems to be a favorite for all! And it should be, who is more important to each of us than our families!

Family Unit Contents:
This developmentally appropriate thematic unit: The Family offers a variety of family themed activities that will connect all facets of the Kindergarten, Pre-K, or Homeschool curriculum.

Contents Include:

Literacy Games/Activities:

Family Vacation: Segmenting Words
The Family Reunion: Producing and Generating Rhyming Words
Family Camping: Identifying Upper and Lowercase Alphabet Letters
Family Camping: Identifying Sight Words
Animal Families: Fluently Naming Upper and Lowercase Alphabet Letters
Animal Families: Fluently Naming Sight Words

Math Games/Activities:

Birth Order: Gathering, Sorting, and Interpreting Data
Family Counting Tree: Addition and Subtraction
Cookie Jar: Counting On
The Family Tree: Matching Quantity and Numerals

Guided Reading Books

The Family


With My Family
My Family Tree


My Family Tree: Scaffolded Writing Lesson
Family Word Wall
My Family: Writing Prompt

Social Studies

Family Traditions: The Patchwork Quilt
Birth Order: Family Combinations
My Family: A Family Home-Connection Activity


My Family: Shape People

Bears in Kindergarten

We have been studying bears this week, and will continue into next week. Bears is a great unit to study fiction and non-fiction and make comparisons.

The non-fiction study easily lends itself to studying key details in text. The fiction study is a great way to make the elements of a story come alive!

Story Elements

Key Details in Text

Bringing Story Elements to Life

The Three Bears

Who doesn't love The Three Bears! This thematic includes fun and engaging common core based activities.

Contents include: 

Shared Reading Lessons

Three Brown Bears: Analyzing Directionality and Word Spelling

Story Element Cards: Analyzing Key Details

Literacy Lessons:

A Bowl of Porridge: Naming Letters (Alternate: Decoding Words)

Rhyming Friends: Matching Rhymes

Goldie Comes to Visit: Blending Phonemes into Words

Bear School: Speaking Complete Sentences

Math Lessons:

Bear Play: Decomposing Numbers less than 10

Porridge Yum Plus One: Adding one to create a sum that is one larger

Race in the Woods: Comparing Numbers

Sweet Baby Bear: Counting Forward

Independent Activities

Three Bear Number Hunt: Writing Numerals to match quantity.

Goldilocks Goes to School: Identifying quantity using Ten-Frames and writing numerals

Art Projects

Three Bear Construct


Three Bear Puppets


Three Bear Word Wall

I Can Label It

I Can Write a Story

Writing Prompts: 

The Three Bears


Social Studies

My Family: A Family Home-Connection Sheet

Guided Reading Books

The Three Bears (Two Levels)



Three Brown Bears

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Enjoy this free song poster that is included in this unit: