The Three Bears

Who doesn't love The Three Bears! This thematic includes fun and engaging common core based activities.

Contents include: 

Shared Reading Lessons

Three Brown Bears: Analyzing Directionality and Word Spelling

Story Element Cards: Analyzing Key Details

Literacy Lessons:

A Bowl of Porridge: Naming Letters (Alternate: Decoding Words)

Rhyming Friends: Matching Rhymes

Goldie Comes to Visit: Blending Phonemes into Words

Bear School: Speaking Complete Sentences

Math Lessons:

Bear Play: Decomposing Numbers less than 10

Porridge Yum Plus One: Adding one to create a sum that is one larger

Race in the Woods: Comparing Numbers

Sweet Baby Bear: Counting Forward

Independent Activities

Three Bear Number Hunt: Writing Numerals to match quantity.

Goldilocks Goes to School: Identifying quantity using Ten-Frames and writing numerals

Art Projects

Three Bear Construct


Three Bear Puppets


Three Bear Word Wall

I Can Label It

I Can Write a Story

Writing Prompts: 

The Three Bears


Social Studies

My Family: A Family Home-Connection Sheet

Guided Reading Books

The Three Bears (Two Levels)



Three Brown Bears

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Enjoy this free song poster that is included in this unit: