McGraw Hill Reading Wonders for Kindergarten

Are you looking for ways to supplement the teaching of sight words as you use McGraw-Hill's Wonders Reading Program?

Here are some sight word products. Additionally, all of our thematic units contain other materials that are a great addition to your Wonders program. Or you can find all of our products on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Sight Word Flash Cards or Game Card Sets:

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This set contains 21 sets that can be used as flashcards, write the room cards, game cards, fluency cards, writing center cards, and on and on.

Includes the following card sets: Star, Basketball, Apple, Space, Clover, Pockets, Piggy Bank, Leaf, Valentine, Framed, Fish Bowl, Gumdrop, Beehive, Bathtub, Chick, Horse, Lamb, Mud, Penguin, Halloween, Panda Bears.

*Set is always growing and updates are FREE!






These two products allow you to make a great classroom word wall featuring Wonders sight words, or 100 additional sight words.

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These products allow students practice with "Wonders" Handwriting, Sight Words and Sight Word Sentences.

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This set of books is designed to use with the Wonders reading curriculum, or for anyone looking for great sight word readers that follow a logical sequence of sight word introduction, and the practice of decoding words made only from letters as they are introduced.

The sight word order for this set of readers is: I, can, the we, see, a, like, to, and, go, you, do, my, are, with, he

The letter order for this set of readers is: m, a, s, p, t, i, c, n, d, i, o, h, e, f, r

Contents Include the Following 15 guided readers.

I Can
Big Things
I like
The Twins
Go Cat
Do You?
My Family
Are You?
He Sees

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