Alphabet Zoo: Power Word Wall


Alphabet Zoo: Power Word Wall


This set includes the materials to organize a word wall. Also tips for extension and use, a personal student-size alphabet/word dictionary, alphabet chant, and an alphabet poster are included.

Sight words include both yellow background/red (based on reading research) and white background/black color choices. Words include all Kindergarten Words from the "Wonders" Series", color words, and the first three level Dolch Words.

Cards include the characters from the adorable Animal Zoo Series


Allie Alligator

Benny Bear

Cami Cat

Danny Deer

Daisy Dog

Ed Elephant

Freddy Frog

Fanny Fish

Gabby Gorilla

Henry Horse

Izzy Insect

Ina Inchworm

Iggy Iguana

Jack Jellyfish

Jaxon Jaguar

Katie Kangaroo

Leo Lion

Molly Mouse

Nelly Newt

Nancy Night Owl

Nicky Narwhal

Oscar Octopus

Peter Penguin

Quincy Quail

Rosie Rabbit

Sammy Snake 

Titus Tiger

Umber Umbrella Bird

Vincent Bampire Bat

Winnie Weasel

Max Fox

Yetta Yak

Zeke Zebra

Lowdon Owl

Thrissa Thrush

Shawny Shark

Charley Chick

Oona Goose

Wheeler Whale

Joy Oyster

Dawn MaCaw

Inga Duckling


April Angel Fish

Easton Eel

Ida Ibis

Owen Okapi

Ulla Unicorn

Mark Aardvark

Orin Orangutan

Erma Ermine

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