Sight Words

McGraw Hill Reading Wonders for Kindergarten

Are you looking for ways to supplement the teaching of sight words as you use McGraw-Hill's Wonders Reading Program?

Here are some sight word products. Additionally, all of our thematic units contain other materials that are a great addition to your Wonders program. Or you can find all of our products on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Sight Word Flash Cards or Game Card Sets:

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This set contains 21 sets that can be used as flashcards, write the room cards, game cards, fluency cards, writing center cards, and on and on.

Includes the following card sets: Star, Basketball, Apple, Space, Clover, Pockets, Piggy Bank, Leaf, Valentine, Framed, Fish Bowl, Gumdrop, Beehive, Bathtub, Chick, Horse, Lamb, Mud, Penguin, Halloween, Panda Bears.

*Set is always growing and updates are FREE!






These two products allow you to make a great classroom word wall featuring Wonders sight words, or 100 additional sight words.

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These products allow students practice with "Wonders" Handwriting, Sight Words and Sight Word Sentences.

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This set of books is designed to use with the Wonders reading curriculum, or for anyone looking for great sight word readers that follow a logical sequence of sight word introduction, and the practice of decoding words made only from letters as they are introduced.

The sight word order for this set of readers is: I, can, the we, see, a, like, to, and, go, you, do, my, are, with, he

The letter order for this set of readers is: m, a, s, p, t, i, c, n, d, i, o, h, e, f, r

Contents Include the Following 15 guided readers.

I Can
Big Things
I like
The Twins
Go Cat
Do You?
My Family
Are You?
He Sees

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October Alphabet and Sight Word Game Cards

Use these Alphabet and/or * Sight Word Cards for the Following Activities:

Flash Cards
Write the Room
Boom (Or a similar type game where all cards are lost if the extra card is drawn). * Each set contains an extra "Boom" type card
Go Fish
Old Maid
Memory Match
Draw and Write

*Includes upper and lowercase alphabet letters and all sight words used in the "Wonders - Journeys - and Imagine It" reading programs for Kindergarten

Teaching Academic Concepts Through Music

My little granddaughter just turned 2 a few days ago, yet she can sing back to you any Nursery Rhyme that you request. It is remarkable how the human brain learns so easily through music.

Last year my kiddos were having a very difficult time learning the name Hexagon. In fact, I was about to throw my hands up in defeat when I ran across this gem on Youtube. Within two days 100% of my students not only knew the name of the shape, but adored the shape. They began to use the word hexagon in their play interactions. 

If you are looking for some great teaching materials, you will want to check out The Back To School Sale going on at Heidi's songs, July 31st - August 5th. They are giving a discount of 15% at checkout if you enter the code SCHOOL2015.  Beside the shape DVD and/or CD, I recommend the Alphabet and Sight Word Songs. I have been using them in my classroom for many, many years and I simply would not want to teach without them!

To see her great assortment of musical teaching tools, check on the link below. And, yep, you will be singing that hexagon song for days!

"Wonders" (McGraw Hill) Sight Word Card Sets

 Are you looking for some great flashcards to supplement your Wonders Reading Program? This set contains 21 sets that can be used as flashcards, write the room cards, game cards, fluency cards, writing center cards, and on and on.

Contents Include

Star Word Cards
Basketball Word Cards
Apple Word Cards
Space Word Cards
Clover Word Cards
Pocket Word Cards
Piggy Bank Word Cards
Leaf Word Cards
Valentine Word Cards
Framed Word Cards
Fish Bowl Word Cards
Gumdrop Word Cards
Beehive Word Cards
Bathtub Word Cards
Little Chick Word Cards
Horse Word Cards
Lamb Word Cards
Mud Word Cards
Penguin Word Cards
Halloween Headstone Word Cards
Panda Bear Word Cards

Sight Words and Sight Word Sentences

Kids love to play games! So what is better than playing learning games?

One of the goals of Phonics and Word Recognition is to help students build a bank of sight words. This packet contains seven activities that will do just that. All activities are strategically linked to the common core standards, highlighting RF.K.3c.

Contents include:

Dinosaur Friends: Reading High Frequency Words
Froggy School: Reading Sight Word Sentences
Butterfly Bonanza: Fluently Reading a Group of Sight Words
Jungle Friends: Fluently Reading Hight Frequency Words
Munch, Munch, Munch:  Reading High Frequency Words and Fry Phrase Sentences
Sight Word Bugs: Reading High Frequency Words

Sight Word Worksheets

Sight Word Worksheets or Workbook: Multi-Task Style

Are you looking for easy, effective ways to give those high-frequency words meaning to your students! My students LOVE to do these pages. I have made them workbook style and used as single worksheet pages, they have loved them both the same.

This product not includes 109 sight words. These words include the 100 most frequently used words as well as the Kindergarten words in the Wonders Reading Series.

Update now includes 109 words!!!

Lite Bright Letters

Do you have access to an old Lite Brite? 

These “vintage” toys can be a great tool for introducing or reviewing letters or sight words. Just lift the screen off the Lite Brite and put it on a desk or other flat surface. Next, place a black piece of construction paper on the screen. Write the desired letter(s) or sight word on the paper using a white crayon. Place the screen and black page back on the Lite Brite and turn it on. Instruct students to push in pegs only on the white lines - the hole placements will usually be apparent. Your students will enjoy this activity for days!