Teaching Academic Concepts Through Music

My little granddaughter just turned 2 a few days ago, yet she can sing back to you any Nursery Rhyme that you request. It is remarkable how the human brain learns so easily through music.

Last year my kiddos were having a very difficult time learning the name Hexagon. In fact, I was about to throw my hands up in defeat when I ran across this gem on Youtube. Within two days 100% of my students not only knew the name of the shape, but adored the shape. They began to use the word hexagon in their play interactions. 

If you are looking for some great teaching materials, you will want to check out The Back To School Sale going on at Heidi's songs, July 31st - August 5th. They are giving a discount of 15% at checkout if you enter the code SCHOOL2015.  Beside the shape DVD and/or CD, I recommend the Alphabet and Sight Word Songs. I have been using them in my classroom for many, many years and I simply would not want to teach without them!

To see her great assortment of musical teaching tools, check on the link below. And, yep, you will be singing that hexagon song for days!