Autumn Time Common Core Thematic Unit

This fall themed unit is strategically linked to the common core standards and is newly updated!
Contents include...

Scripted Literacy Activities:
The Falling Leaves: Alphabet Fluency
 Letter Whoo: Identifying Upper &; Lowercase Letters
 Collecting Acorns: Blending Onset/rime
 Hidden Sounds: Identifying Beginning Sounds.
Corn Maze ABC: Identifying Letters

Independent Literacy Activities:
Squirrel Sort: Sorting Syllables
Trace and Write A-Z
Syllable Count: Identify Number of Syllables

Scripted Math Activities:
What's Missing: Developing  Observation & Descriptive Skills
Squirrel Match: Identifying Numbers
Leaf Graph: Graphing Leaves
Leaf Hunt: Ordering Numbers

Independant Math Activities:
Counting Leaves: Identifying the Count
Leaf Count: Counting Leaves
Writing numbers 1-10

Writing Prompts/Word Wall
Falling Leaves
All About Autumn
Harvest Word Wall Words

Guided Reading Book
Fall Leaves
My Leaf Book

 A Tree For All Seasons: Creating trees to represent
the four seasons
 A Fall Walk: Observing and recording the change of
season found around the school yard
 Seasonal Change of a Tree: Using senses to
observe and record the seasonal changes of a tree.

Art Projects
Leaf Person
Fall Leaves
Leaf Rubbings
Leaf Painting
Fall Tree

Autumn Leaves
Pick It Up
5 Little Squirrels


We have been having a great time in our classroom this week with scarecrows. 

Enjoy these and many more scarecrow activities in our newly renovated Scarecrow Unit!

Table of Contents

Scripted Literacy Lessons:
Spin a Scarecrow: Blending Onset and Rime
The Sound Maze: Identifying Initial Sounds
Catching Crows: Identifying Letters
Scarecrow Rhymes: Matching Rhyming Pictures

Independent Activities: 
Find the Crow: Writing Capital Letters
Scarecrow Sounds: Identifying Initial Sounds

Scripted Math Lessons With Independent Options:

Scare-A-Crow: Creating a Picture Graph and Recording Data
The Scarecrow: Using Pattern Blocks to Make a Larger Shape
Scarecrow Scare: Comparing Numbers
Scarecrows Count: Counting Forward

Independent Activities: 
Counting Crows: Counting Cardinality
Team Scarecrow: Comparing Groups 

Art Projects
Pattern Block Scarecrow
My Shape Scarecrow

Scarecrow Snack
Scarecrow Supper

Scarecrow Word Wall
If I Were a Scarecrow
How to Scare Crows
Classroom Book: My Scarecrow

Guided Reading Books
The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow
Little Scarecrow
How Scary Can You Be?
Scarecrow Turn Around
Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

Apples: Thematic Common Core Curriculum Essentials

This apple unit is strategically linked to the common core standards and will link all areas of your curriculum. Check out our Harvest Unit for even more apple ideas and much more!

Table of Contents

Shared Reading Lessons:
And Apple is its Name Oh: Enjoying Songs & Poetry
Way Up High in the Apple Tree: Enjoying Songs & Poetry
Yummy Apples: Word Substitution

Scripted Literacy Lessons:
ABC Apple Orchard: Identifying Alphabet Letters
Eating Apples: Identifying Beginning Sounds

Independent Activities: 
Color Word Worms: Matching & Writing Color Words
ABC Apple Trace: Tracing Alphabet Letters

Scripted Math Lessons With Independent Options:
Willy the Wandering Worm: Identifying Numbers

Independent Activities: 
Apple Number Memory: Matching Numbers
Bobbing For Apples: Working with 5-Frames
Math Journal Sticker: Draw an Apple Story

Apple Wordwall
The Way I Like Apples
Johnny Appleseed
Aa Handwriting Sheet

Guided Reading Books
I like Apples
Apples Guided Reading Supports

Apple Taste Test: Making Comparisons & Recording Data
Apple Life Cycle: Portfolio Sample

Art Projects
Apple Tree Art
Apple Mosaic

Eating Apples
Five Little Apples
Have You Ever Seen An Apple

Pumpkins at Kindergarten

A great pumpkin day!

A Pumpkin Assembly

"Grove City Gardens" brings the farm to town.

Thanks for the Pumpkins!

Do you know the "Pumpkin Man" that lives down Pumpkin Lane?

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Fall Themed Days In Kindergarten

We are in the middle of our Fall themed Learning. As you will note in the pictures, our hallway is in the development stage of construction; we add to it daily.

We have many fall themed units available at our on-line stores.
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Friday Highlights.
Studying Change in a Fall Tree
Gathering Autumn Artifacts
Catching Leaves During Literacy Centers
Reading Fall-Themed Books at our Class Library
Making a Fall Tree
Studying Fall at the Science Center

Writing Fall Words At the Writing Center

Recording Changes in a Tree at the Art Center

Fall Themed Guided Reading Books for Early Emergent Readers

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