Autumn Time Common Core Thematic Unit

This fall themed unit is strategically linked to the common core standards and is newly updated!
Contents include...

Scripted Literacy Activities:
The Falling Leaves: Alphabet Fluency
 Letter Whoo: Identifying Upper &; Lowercase Letters
 Collecting Acorns: Blending Onset/rime
 Hidden Sounds: Identifying Beginning Sounds.
Corn Maze ABC: Identifying Letters

Independent Literacy Activities:
Squirrel Sort: Sorting Syllables
Trace and Write A-Z
Syllable Count: Identify Number of Syllables

Scripted Math Activities:
What's Missing: Developing  Observation & Descriptive Skills
Squirrel Match: Identifying Numbers
Leaf Graph: Graphing Leaves
Leaf Hunt: Ordering Numbers

Independant Math Activities:
Counting Leaves: Identifying the Count
Leaf Count: Counting Leaves
Writing numbers 1-10

Writing Prompts/Word Wall
Falling Leaves
All About Autumn
Harvest Word Wall Words

Guided Reading Book
Fall Leaves
My Leaf Book

 A Tree For All Seasons: Creating trees to represent
the four seasons
 A Fall Walk: Observing and recording the change of
season found around the school yard
 Seasonal Change of a Tree: Using senses to
observe and record the seasonal changes of a tree.

Art Projects
Leaf Person
Fall Leaves
Leaf Rubbings
Leaf Painting
Fall Tree

Autumn Leaves
Pick It Up
5 Little Squirrels