We have been having a great time in our classroom this week with scarecrows. 

Enjoy these and many more scarecrow activities in our newly renovated Scarecrow Unit!

Table of Contents

Scripted Literacy Lessons:
Spin a Scarecrow: Blending Onset and Rime
The Sound Maze: Identifying Initial Sounds
Catching Crows: Identifying Letters
Scarecrow Rhymes: Matching Rhyming Pictures

Independent Activities: 
Find the Crow: Writing Capital Letters
Scarecrow Sounds: Identifying Initial Sounds

Scripted Math Lessons With Independent Options:

Scare-A-Crow: Creating a Picture Graph and Recording Data
The Scarecrow: Using Pattern Blocks to Make a Larger Shape
Scarecrow Scare: Comparing Numbers
Scarecrows Count: Counting Forward

Independent Activities: 
Counting Crows: Counting Cardinality
Team Scarecrow: Comparing Groups 

Art Projects
Pattern Block Scarecrow
My Shape Scarecrow

Scarecrow Snack
Scarecrow Supper

Scarecrow Word Wall
If I Were a Scarecrow
How to Scare Crows
Classroom Book: My Scarecrow

Guided Reading Books
The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow
Little Scarecrow
How Scary Can You Be?
Scarecrow Turn Around
Dingle Dangle Scarecrow