Chrysanthemum and the Beginning of Kindergarten

For me, the beginnings of kindergarten is fast approaching. Those beginning days are so hard! (For a teacher it is like holding 25 corks under the water all at once, all day long). For a  kindergartner, it is a scary time. A time to adjust to new space, new adults, new friends, new rules, new structure, and for most,  the introduction to the social (and far from perfect) world in which we live. It is the first realization for many 5 years olds that they are not the center of the universe.

I love to use this boo,k Chrysanthemum during the first weeks of school. This book is not only a lovely story, it is a great tool to teach self-awareness, diversity, respect, and appreciation for self and others. 

The book can also be used when teaching names of oneself and others. This packet, "Names," offer many great activities and games that will enrich your classroom.