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My First Days of Kindergarten Schedules

Each year I carefully plan the activities for the first days of school to make them not only productive days, fun days, but also  days that makes everyone want to return tomorrow! (Me included)

I have started the school year with many different themes. This year I plan to start the year with one of my favorites, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.

Following are my lesson plans for my first 5 days of school. *Note I have the first day twice because we have students A-L on day one and then repeat day one with M-Z before having the entire group for everyone's day 2. (My actual 3rd day of teaching). Confused? Well it works terrific!

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Back to School Excitement

This weekend I was able to spend some time with my favorite tots. The 6 year old is so excited for a new beginning in 1st grade. He has great hope for a teacher that will love him, nurture him and care for him. He showed me his new backpack at least 10 times.

The kids who enter our classrooms are precious souls, and it is our job to love them. Here is my yearly motto. It serves me well.

First Day of Kindergarten: Headband or Necklace

Who doesn't love to make the first day of Kindergarten special?

I love to have my students wear home a memento of the day. I use these circles to make headbands by cutting 1 12" strips of black construction paper to make the band and attaching the circle on the front.

I have also punched a hole in the top, threaded some yarn through to make a necklace, or simply pinned the badge on the students shirts.

No matter your style, kids will leave the classroom with a great big smile!

Click on your desired badge and drag the jpeg to your word or graphics page, scale to the size you want, and print.

Here are more printables for my early learning friends!

Chrysanthemum and the Beginning of Kindergarten

For me, the beginnings of kindergarten is fast approaching. Those beginning days are so hard! (For a teacher it is like holding 25 corks under the water all at once, all day long). For a  kindergartner, it is a scary time. A time to adjust to new space, new adults, new friends, new rules, new structure, and for most,  the introduction to the social (and far from perfect) world in which we live. It is the first realization for many 5 years olds that they are not the center of the universe.

I love to use this boo,k Chrysanthemum during the first weeks of school. This book is not only a lovely story, it is a great tool to teach self-awareness, diversity, respect, and appreciation for self and others. 

The book can also be used when teaching names of oneself and others. This packet, "Names," offer many great activities and games that will enrich your classroom.

The School Bus

Approximately 25 million students across the United States ride the bus to school every day. With so many students depending on the school bus for transportation, it is important to review bus safety rules on a yearly basis. 

In order to address bus safety as efficiently as possible, I post a bus safety bulletin board in my classroom. I can easily go over each rule as I have or two at a time or all points at the same time. We discuss the rules, define words, and even act out some of the rules as time permits. 

While learning about bus safety, I include a few school bus activities to add interest and address some important kindergarten skills. I’ve combined many of these activities into a mini-unit called The School Bus. The unit includes an alphabet and a number game, a guided reader, a writing page, a bus construct, a song poster, and a poster with bus safety rules. Check it out at our online store!