March Kindergarten Homework Packet


March Kindergarten Homework Packet

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Are you looking for some great homework that is Developmentally Appropriate and Child Centered? You will love this NO-PREP option.

This packet is intended to be copied and sent home with parents as extra support in the home, as students gain mid-year kindergarten skills. BONUS: Contains Spanish Translation of all instructions for your ELL students.

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Table of Contents:

Guided Reader: Out In Space
Mr. Spaceman: Conventions of Print
Letter Blast Off: Alphabet Letter Sound Naming Automaticity
Race Through Space: Alphabet Letter Naming Automaticity
Skip Counting: Counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's
Alien Planet: Segmenting Words Into Individual Phonemes
Decode it-Defeat it: Reading CVC Words
Alien Snap: Counting From Any Given Number

These are going to be great for homework or even for morning work.
I love that there are Spanish directions. Thank you so much such a help.
Thank you! This is useful. I will use it in my room.
Parent friendly.