Kindergarten Homework Packets: Full Year Bundle

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FebruaryPreschoolHomeworkPacket.pdf 2.jpeg
FebruaryPreschoolHomeworkPacket.pdf 4.jpeg
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Kindergarten Homework Packets: Full Year Bundle

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Product Description

School To Home Connect 

Year Long Homework Bundle

This parent involvement resource will help strengthen the school-home connection as students practice essential preschool skills. 

These January to December packets consists of simple games and activities that are fun and easy for the parent and child to complete together, returning only a checklist if you choose. Extend the learning at home by sending home monthly homework packets that are strategically linked to the Common Core Standards. Your students and parents alike will love the easy to use formats, engaging activities, and ease of homework management.

Contents Include

This packet includes contains all 16 Packets in our 

Kindergarten Series. And ALL 16 packets have two versions, English and Spanish Translation.

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Plus, three bonus packets: Fall Intervention Packet, Winter Intervention Packet, Spring Intervention Packet are included.


  • The Snowman: A book to read together

  • Snowy Lotto: An alphabet game

  • Winter Delivery: A sight word activity

  • Color Match Snowmen: A color word activity

  • A Winter Wonderland: A blending game

  • Snowflake Swirl: A counting on activity

  • Snowman Clock: A math activity

  • January Calendar: A number handwriting activity


  • "Little Valentine's" A book to read together

  • Heart Bingo: Flash Hearts--Sight word activities

  • Don't Break My Heart: A word segmenting game

  • My Valentine's: Using Valentines to extend learning

  • Dragon Dance: Alphabet Sound Fluency

  • Number Games: Math Activities

  • February Calendar: A number handwriting Activity


  • Guided Reader: Out In Space

  • Mr. Spaceman: Conventions of Print

  • Letter Blast Off: Alphabet Letter Sound Naming Automaticity

  • Race Through Space: Alphabet Letter Naming Automaticity

  • Skip Counting: Counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's

  • Alien Planet: Segmenting Words Into Individual Phonemes

  • Decode it-Defeat it: Reading CVC Words

  • Alien Snap: Counting From Any Given Number


  • The Pond: A Sight word/Decodable Reader

  • Slithering Snakes: Alphabet sound fluency

  • Frogger: A Decoding game

  • Turtle Lotto: A sight word game

  • Family of Ducks: Word families

  • April Calendar: Number writing

  • Frog Eggs: Composing numbers

  • Spring Basket: Plus and minus


  • The Jungle: A guided reader (available in two levels)

  • ROAR!: A decoding game

  • Safari Sights: A sight word game

  • The Jungle: A writing activity

  • Around the Zoo: A sentence game

  • At the Zoo: A comprehension activity

  • The Zoo Parade: An addition game

  • Gorillas in Cages: A subtraction game


  • Capture the Butterfly: A word family game

  • Mosquito Slap: A sight word game

  • Flower Garden: A sentence game

  • I Can Be a Scientist: A decodable book

  • Lilypad Leap: A number line game

  • Ladybug Addition: An addition activity

  • Dragonfly Subtraction: A subtraction activity

  • Across the Curriculum: A collection of fun learning activities


  • Guided Reader: The Beach (Level C)

  • Sand Castles: A sight word game

  • Summer Celebration: A sentence game

  • Diving for Letters: Alphabet recognition

  • Shell Addition: An addition activity

  • Beach Ball Subtraction: A subtraction activity

  • The Number Swim: Writing numbers


  • Rhyme Book: A mini book of rhymes

  • My ABC's: An alphabet activity

  • A Ride to the Park: A color recognition game

  • The Shape of Things: Shape recognition

  • Number Flashcards: Number recognition

  • Name Writing: A handwriting activity

  • All About ME: Community-building activity


  • The Game: A book to read together

  • Football Flashcards: A capital letter review

  • Kick Off ABC Game: An alphabet game

  • Name Cheer: Letter recognition

  • Football Rhymes: A rhyming game

  • The Team: A number game

  • Huddle Up: Number activity

October (Also includes Non-Halloween Option)

  • Haunted House: A syllable game

  • Boo to You: An alphabet game

  • Spider Race: An alphabet activity

  • Monster Cookies: A beginning sound activity

  • Dark Woods Math: A number game

  • No Tricks, Just Treats: A sort and graph activity


  • My Bear: A Guided Reading Book

  • Time to Hibernate: An Alphabet Game

  • Star Gazing: A Letter Sound Game

  • A Walk In the Woods: An Ending Sounds Game

  • Letter Trace: Handwriting Activity

  • Bear Math: Variety of Math Activities

  • Number Bears: A Flashcard Activity


  • Christmas Time: A Guided Reading Book

  • Christmas Tree ABC: An Alphabet Game

  • To the North Pole: A Rhyming Game

  • Christmas Sounds: A Phoneme Isolation Game

  • Sound Train: Alphabet Sound Fluency

  • Christmas Memory: A Number Game

  • Letter Cookies: A Handwriting Activity

Additional Bonus of Strategic Intervention Packets: Offer concrete help to parents as you build a bridge between school and home, by offering this Intervention Packet as a way for parents to extend the learning at home. These great family games will not only provide additional teaching opportunities for kindergarten skills, they will also give parents opportunity to become familiar with academic concepts and their child's academic strength and weaknesses first hand.

Fall RTI

  • I like Books: Guided Reader

  • Alphabet Flashcards

  • Capital Shake: An Alphabet Game

  • My Letters: A Fluency Activity

  • Sound Isolation: Beginning Sounds Game

  • Rhyming Memory: Rhyming Game

  • A-Z Handwriting: Handwriting Practice

  • Number Trace: Number Formation

Winter RTI

  • Planes: An alphabet sound game

  • Letter/Sound Fluency: Two fluency practice sheets

  • Matching Middles: A phonemic awareness activity

  • Find the Picture: A blending/segmenting game

  • Letter Writing: Handwriting practice

  • Sight Word Study: A sight word activity

  • Color The Shape: A math activity

  • Number Bingo: A 0-20 game.

Spring RTI

  • The Early Bird: Alphabet Fluency

  • The Hungry Lamb: Sound Fluency

  • Spring Rhymes: Producing Rhyming

  • Rain, Rain, Go Away: A Decoding Game

  • Flower Garden: A Sight Word Activity

  • Bunny Hop: A Segmenting Game

  • Word Riddles: Phonemic Awareness

  • Number Hunt: Number Recognition

  • Baby Lambs: Addition

© Kindergarten Kiosk

Three levels are available for all 12 months of the year.

  • For your convenience, each activity is strategically linked to Core Standards.

  • This is also great product for parents looking to enrich learning, or homeschool parents that maintain a year round schedule

Note: All of our homework packets are available at three levels, Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

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This packet has made my time AFTER school so much less. Thank you, now I can spend time with my own children, and still provide my students with quality homework.
I am amazed by all that I am getting with your recent sale! I was looking for meaningful homework—-thanks so much!
I love this homework packet! My parents and students have really enjoyed doing the games together! It has made homework fun for them!
I’ve been sending these home as optional activity packets for students to do with their families and the feedback has been great!