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Helping Young Children Become Writers

Young children can write and this writing should occur daily in the early childhood classroom. In fact, most students will write before they read! “Over the school year, students’ writing develops…with increasing levels of sophistication of vocabulary, syntax, and stylistic features” (Bailey & Heritage, 2008, p. 159).

Back 17 million years ago there was dinosaurs.

Back 17 million years ago there was dinosaurs.

Early in the 1990's at the beginning of my career, most early educators agreed that young children could not and should not write!" I pressed on and taught writing to my students covertly anyway. It was simply frowned upon to start any formal writing until second semester. And then you were only to teach modeled or structured writing.

Now-a-days, educators concur that reading and writing go hand in hand and are an “…interactive process. There is a dynamic relationship between reading and writing and each one influences the development of the other…” (McMahon & Warrick, 2007, p. 159).

As writing develops, teachers will clearly see knowledge of phonics rules as well as a demonstration of graphophonemic knowledge applied to writing, and by observing the writings, great insights can be gained. 

Students need to experience genuine purpose and different types of writing in a risk free environment. They must be empowered with confidence that they are capable of writing and possess the knowledge that their efforts are accepted and authentic. This happens when students are given the skills necessary to build independence. Students will flourish in a classroom where the physical, pedagogical and emotional environment supports literacy.

Research supports littering the environment with print and providing students opportunities to read and write  their surroundings. Young children can write! Consequently, writing in many forms should occur daily in the early childhood classroom!

If you want to hear more, check out episode #23 Guided Writing on our popular podcast here


 I Love This Writing Product

If you are looking for a great product to teach reading, please check out our best selling: "Writing in the Early Childhood Classroom." It is newly updated. It not only contains tips, strategies, hints, and secrets for writing success, but step-by-step lessons and 172 pages of writing prompt choices. Each prompt has three choices to meet your needs for only $3.00. Check out the preview below.

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Writing Stages Self-Assessment Anchor Cards

Are you looking to greatly improve student writing in your kindergarten classroom?

These Writing Continuum Cards align to kindergarten core expectations. These simple cards allow students to self monitor as they work towards the progression to the next level of writing. 

This continuum includes six steps: 1) Prewriting 2) Random Letter Stage 3) Emergent Stage 4) Developmental Stage 5) Pre-Conventional Stage 6) Conventional Stage.

Each card describes the characteristics that reflect the writing stage in a “I Can” format. The characteristics are written clearly to allow students understanding of the learning necessary as they move forward to the next writing level. Providing these clearly written anchor cards motivate young writers to aspire to reach greater heights. 


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Time for Kindergarten Writing

These "Writing Center Activities" are perfect for your new kindergartners!

Contents Include the following activities along with Two beautiful word walls.
I Can Label
Making a List
Writing a Story
Writing The Room

You may wish to also purchase these writing anchor charts and/or see how to set up your week of writing activities. /kindergartenkiosk/2015/03/writing-center-anchor-charts.html

Writing Center Anchor Charts


I love having my writing center ready to go -- all set up for a week or two. These pictures show how my current writing center looks.

The student cubbies, you can see, do not interfere with the set up, so when you are looking at your space think outside of the box. I was worried because I wanted a corner, but in this classroom it wasn't possible. So I decided to try something new and it worked perfectly. 

To set up for the week (or length desired), I simple slide the task cards on the wall or bulletin board in the holders I have in place. I use these reusable sheets.

They work great because you can simply staple the corners to the bulletin board and your tasks cards can slip in and out as your units, holidays, or themes change.

Under the task card I have the basket of worksheets printed and ready for use. 

I place the vocabulary cards on the magnetic wall by the tables. In previous classroom this has been a velcro wall, or simply a wall to tape the word to. I have also used a clothesline to clip the words to. Choose your method, they all work! To get the metal board cut to the size you desire, simply find your local furnace store.


If you use the magnetic board, I use these magnets, but I also reinforce each magnet with a tiny square I cut from a roll of Gorilla tape. These have lasted years this way and are still in perfect shape!

The anchor cards to remind students of writing strategies stay all year long. These cards are invaluable in my classroom. They provide just the link necessary to build strong independent, emergent writers.                  

I have a set of these cards at my writing center, at my shared reading center and at my guided writing table. I couldn't teach writing without them. The students use them every day! I also have 20 plus Independent writing centers all ready for your classroom. The one-time-prep will save you time for years and years --- okay lets just say decades! A few of these sets are show below.


You can listen to the hows and whys of using a writing center on our podcast.




Here is an example of what is available in our Independent Writing Practice.  Everything you need to have a quick, easy, academic-yet-developmentally appropriate space to create writers!

Check out all of the packets available here: Or on TPT

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Writing Center Task Cards: Famous Tales

I love thematic teaching and I look forward to each new adventure. Right now, my students are enjoying exploring, comparing, contrasting and discovering folk tales. 

Are you looking for some great writing activities, ready to print and go!

My students love these "Folk-Tale" based writing activities. Complete with "I Can- Task Cards."

Use these to complement our full Thematic Unit:

Strategically link the Common Core Standards to your curriculum by using this fun fabled unit, Giants, Trolls & The Big Bad Wolf! It is divided into areas of literature, music, art, literacy, math, science, creative writing, word wall, and guided reading. The activities are clearly written, easy to use, and need limited amounts of preparation.

Table of Contents


This Little Piggy
The Big Bad Wolf 

Literacy Activities
Up the Beanstalk: Writing Simple Words
The Three Little Pigs: Decoding CVC Words
Shake Little Piggy: Reading & Writing Sight Words
Big Bad Bingo: Identifying and Matching Consonant Digraphs
Cross The Bridge: Relating Verbs & Adjectives to Opposites

Shared Reading Whole Group Activities:
Identifying Story Elements
Beginning, Middle, End: Story Structure

Math Activities

Measuring-- Tall or Short: Comparing Size By Length
Measuring Giants and Trolls: Comparing Size 
Giants, Trolls & Wolves, Oh My! Writing Numerals
Going To Grandma's House: Counting Forward From Any Given Number 1-100

Art Projects

Cooperative Giant
Shape Giant
Billy Goat Hat
Puppets: Story Retelling

Science Projects
The Giant's Eyes: Using Scientific Tools


Word Wall
If I Met a Giant!
Up the Beanstalk?
The Big Bad Wolf

Geading Books
The Little Pigs

Metal Board For the Writing Center

So, this idea comes to you because of Teacher Deb and my Uncle Miles!
My uncle was a furnace man and in the sheet metal business. So when I wanted to add a large metal board to my writing center, I thought of my uncle and my times of watching him cut those great sheets of metal in his shop as he made custom furnaces.

Thanks to Deb who has a metal magnet board in her classroom, I was directed to our local furnace/sheet metal company. I will take pictures of the finished product when it is finished! Meanwhile, I am excited to get magnets on the back of my word wall words. 

The Best Word Wall

The best word walls are build with purpose and designed for student usability.
Our Power Word Wall Kit is completely build with research in mind! It has classroom tested, proven powerful results.

Research has shown that words that are printed in red ink with a yellow background promotes visual performance and brain connections. The term power words connects the importance of learning sight words with the power of knowledge. Constructing the word wall as a dictionary; connecting letters and visual sound cards that are used frequently in the classroom (or home), make for a powerful connection between letter-sound-word.

All materials to prepare students and organize your word wall are included. Also tips for extension and use, a personal student-size alphabet/word dictionary, alphabet chant (to promote alphabet knowledge), and an alphabet poster are included.

You will love the connections that this word wall kit will make with your students. And, you will be happy to see that research pays off as its all inclusive, interactive nature will create independent early readers!

NOTE: Contains over 200 power word cards!

Writing Center: Quick Kit

Create a great writing center this year that is easy to use!

*You will love this kit! it includes everything you need to set up your classroom writing center (Art can be easily scaled to fit your space). 

   -Writing Poster (Why Write) Remember to make this poster size if you wish!

   -Writing Titles: Books, Stories, Letters, Lists, Notes, Cards, How To, Labels, Recipes, Alphabet Letters, Sight Words, Important Words, Poetry

   -Writing Samples Posters for every title.

   -I Can Poster Activity Instructions for titled categories of writing

   -Blackline Activity Sheets For Independent student work.(Can be used as independent worksheets, or scaled to fit into an interactive writing journal).