The Best Word Wall

The best word walls are build with purpose and designed for student usability.
Our Power Word Wall Kit is completely build with research in mind! It has classroom tested, proven powerful results.

Research has shown that words that are printed in red ink with a yellow background promotes visual performance and brain connections. The term power words connects the importance of learning sight words with the power of knowledge. Constructing the word wall as a dictionary; connecting letters and visual sound cards that are used frequently in the classroom (or home), make for a powerful connection between letter-sound-word.

All materials to prepare students and organize your word wall are included. Also tips for extension and use, a personal student-size alphabet/word dictionary, alphabet chant (to promote alphabet knowledge), and an alphabet poster are included.

You will love the connections that this word wall kit will make with your students. And, you will be happy to see that research pays off as its all inclusive, interactive nature will create independent early readers!

NOTE: Contains over 200 power word cards!