Social Studies

Transportation Unit

You will love this all inclusive unit on transportation, a favorite of all children! Contents are systematically linked to common core objectives and are clearly stated.

                    Contents include:


My Car
Down By The Station
Engine Engine Number Nine

Art Projects

Paint a Plane
Shape Train: Using Shapes to Create a Larger Shape
Construct Vehicles: Developing Spacial Reasoning
Vehicle Wheel Paintings:Using Nontraditional Tools
Transportation Mural: Cooperative Art
Make a Map: Use the Mural to Make Maps


Ramp It Up: Exploring Properties of Physics
Paper Airplanes

Guided Reading Books
Take a Ride

Class-Made Books
My Vehicle


Transportation Word Wall
Writing Prompts: Take a Ride, To Town
Writing Center Activities:
How To (Level 1 & 2) , Label It, Make a List

Scripted Math Lessons With Independent Options:
Derby Race Car: Identifying Numerals 0-100                            
One Up Tune Up: Adding One to Make a Sum                
Transportation Graph: Graphing                                                                                
Parking Lot Subtraction: Subtraction    
Independent Activities:
Parking Cars:  Connecting Numbers to Quantity
On The Plane: Solving Addition Problems 0-5                                                  
Counting Cars: Observing and Recording Data

Scripted Literacy Lessons:
Road Racer: Reading Sight Words
Flying High: Reading and Sorting Real and Pretend Words
Vacation Destination: Alphabet Letter and Sound Fluency
Breakdown: Using Letter Sounds to Read Words

Independent Activities:
Road Trip: Writing Upper and Lowercase Alphabet Letters
 Planes Trains and Everything Else: Rhyming Words
The Missing Letters: Writing Letters and Sounds

The following are some shots of my students enjoying this great unit!

Firemen go to Kindergarten

This week we introduced our students to firemen 
as an important community helper 
by inviting the community fire department to visit our school.

Afternoon Class

We also have been doing activities that can be found in our 
Firemen and other Community Helpers Unit that is available at our on-line stores. 

The students are loving the activities and while learning fireman facts 
are able to practice common core skills yet again in a fun-authentic way.

Check out our 90 page unit today and you will find...

Literacy Activities:
ABC Firemen: Letter Identification
Race Up the Ladder: Identifying Syllables
Help The Helpers: Beginning Sounds
Fireman Fluency Flash: Beginning Fluency

Math Activities:
Fireman Number Race: Matching Numerals to Quantity 1-6
Cop Patrol: Identifying, Creating & Extending Patterns
The Fire Station: Five Frames
Fire Truck 1-10: Ordering Numbers

Worksheets The Fireman Race
Around the Town
Fireman Portfolio Page

Art Projects Construct a Fire truck
Construct a Fireman
Fire Safety Arm Band
Policeman/Fireman Hat
Draw a Fireman

Writing Prompts/Word Wall
Word Wall Words
All About Fireman
What Might I be?

Guided Reading Book
The Fireman

Song Posters
My Neighborhood
People Who Help
Ding Ding Ding
Five Little Firemen
The Policeman