Firemen go to Kindergarten

This week we introduced our students to firemen 
as an important community helper 
by inviting the community fire department to visit our school.

Afternoon Class

We also have been doing activities that can be found in our 
Firemen and other Community Helpers Unit that is available at our on-line stores. 

The students are loving the activities and while learning fireman facts 
are able to practice common core skills yet again in a fun-authentic way.

Check out our 90 page unit today and you will find...

Literacy Activities:
ABC Firemen: Letter Identification
Race Up the Ladder: Identifying Syllables
Help The Helpers: Beginning Sounds
Fireman Fluency Flash: Beginning Fluency

Math Activities:
Fireman Number Race: Matching Numerals to Quantity 1-6
Cop Patrol: Identifying, Creating & Extending Patterns
The Fire Station: Five Frames
Fire Truck 1-10: Ordering Numbers

Worksheets The Fireman Race
Around the Town
Fireman Portfolio Page

Art Projects Construct a Fire truck
Construct a Fireman
Fire Safety Arm Band
Policeman/Fireman Hat
Draw a Fireman

Writing Prompts/Word Wall
Word Wall Words
All About Fireman
What Might I be?

Guided Reading Book
The Fireman

Song Posters
My Neighborhood
People Who Help
Ding Ding Ding
Five Little Firemen
The Policeman