Reading Strategies That Work


Students will read more quickly and effectively when given appropriate strategies for reading and instructed on how to match those strategies to reading situations.

There are many important strategies to learn concerning the multifaceted nature of reading. By providing visual representations of the strategies and encouraging students to talk about and practice them, students will develop flexibility of reasoning, gain reading confidence, and internalize the ability to control reading experiences.

I have witnessed my students gain reading independence as they are guided with thoughtful strategies.

Our Reading Strategy set focuses on strategies that will enhance student reading during guided reading experiences. The colorful/child friendly strategy posters included in this set are: 

  • Sit in reading position. 
  • Point at the word your voice is saying.
  • Look at the pictures for clues. 
  • Does it look right?
  • Does it sound right?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Reread and Think
  • Hop through the word sound by sound.
  • Think about word families.
  • Look for chunks you know.

This set also includes strategy cards that you can use in your classroom to remind students of the strategies as you learn them. Also included are posters that you can use to teach each strategy. Print the posters on large paper if possible and display them where the class can see them. If you are using them in a whole group lesson you can print smaller versions. Each poster is followed by a lesson plan that will help you teach each reading strategy.

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Very helpful, great resource!
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