Guided Reader Bundle: 127 Emergent Readers


Guided Reader Bundle: 127 Emergent Readers

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127 Guided Readers!

You will love these engaging guided readers that bridge the gap from non-reader to reader. These books can be copied, and then offered for guided reading practice. Students can participate in tracking, phonics practice, decoding, picture clues, and other important reading strategies right on their own copy!

Offering students a paper book that can be read, colored, and taken home offers students authentic purpose for the guided reading instruction and opportunity to practice techniques at home. This in turn offers parents important opportunities to be part of classroom reading instruction. Students love these delightful stories that are ready to read, on an emergent level. The clip art is delightful!

These sets may be purchased separately for $4.00 a set. Or, you may purchase this entire bundle for $50.00, a great savings of $34.00. That is $.25 a book!

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Apple & Pumpkin Themed Emergent Guided Readers


The Pumpkin Cycle

Pumpkin Colors

Pumpkin Patch

Apple Picking Time


Back To School Themed Emergent Guided Readers

The School

School Rules (A Read Together Book)

All About Me

My Classroom




Bear Themed Emergent Guided Readers

My Teddy Bear

The Brown Bear

Little Bear and Friends

Bear Facts

Color Bears

The Three Bears


Christmas Themed Emergent Guided Readers

Merry Christmas

Presents From Santa

The North Pole

Run Gingerbread Man Run!

The Christmas Train


Color Themed Emergent Guided Readers

Blue (Color)

Blue (Black & White)

Green (Color)

Green (Black & White)

Orange (Color)

Orange (Black & White)

Purple (Color)

Purple (Black & White)

Red (Color)

Red (Black & White)

Yellow (Color)

Yellow (Black & White)



Dinosaur Themed Emergent Guided Readers

Dinosaurs -- Level A

All About Dinosaurs -- Level C

Dig A Dinosaur -- Level C

The Little Dinosaur -- Level B

The Paleontologist -- Level B


Fable Themed Emergent Guided Readers

The Little Pigs

The Little Goats

Jack and the Beanstalk

The Little Red Hen


Fall Themed Emergent Guided Readers

1. Falling Leaves

2. The Autumn Leaves

3. Autumn

Colors of Fall


Farm Themed Emergent Guided Readers

The Farmer in the Dell -- Level A

The Sky is Falling -- Level CC

The Watermelon -- Level C

The Farmer -- Level C

Where are the Animals -- Level B


February Themed Emergent Guided Readers

Little Hearts -- Level B

I Love -- Level C

My Valentine -- Level C

Brushing Teeth -- Level C

Groundhog Day -- Level B

The Days of School -- Level C

President's Day -- Level B


Halloween Themed Emergent Guided Readers

Halloween Night

Little Witch

The Chocolate Chip Ghost

Trick or Treat

My Halloween Costume

Pat the Bat


May Themed Emergent Guided Readers

What I Can Do Now

My School

My Friends

Summer Vacation


Ocean Themed Emergent Guided Readers

At The Beach - Level B

The Ocean - Level B

The Ocean - Level A

The Sea - Level C

Diving in the Sea - Level C

Willy The Whale - Level C


Picture Book Themed Guided Readers


The Big Red Dog

Little Caterpillar

Goodnight At The Zoo

This Little Piggy

The Brown Bear

Five Little Monkeys


Pirate Themed Emergent Guided Readers

I Like Pirates-- Level C

X Marks The Spot-- Level E

The Pirates -- Level C

The Treasure -- Level D


Sight Word Themed Emergent Guided Readers: Volume 1

I Have


Going to School


It Is For

I Know


Sight Word Themed Emergent Guided Readers: Volume 2

The Pet Show




I Said

We Can


Space Themed Emergent Guided Readers

The Stars -- Level D

My Rocketship -- Level C

Space Explorer -- Level B

Rockets -- Level C

The Aliens -- Level B




Spring Themed Emergent Guided Readers

The Lamb and the Lion

Welcome Spring

The Cat’s Hat

St. Patrick’s Day

The Little Seed

The Bunnies


Winter Themed Emergent Guided Readers: Set #1

Happy New Year

How To Build a Snowman

My Snowmobile


Ice Skating


Winter Themed Emergent Guided Readers: Set #2




The Mitten 

The Mitten

Tremendous! Thanks so much for offering!
Thank you for the great variety of readers!
Love being able to print books off to send home for fluency!
Love these books to practice sight words as well as discuss a topic. It helps my students have books in their hands that they can read! Thank you!