Interactive Writing and Structured Writing

kindergarten writing

Interactive or structured writing is when the teacher guides group writing. All children participate in the composing and even construct various aspects of the writing. Students experience writing for a purpose and with meaning.  

One way to initiate interactive writing is through response to literature that offers a topic for discussion. For example after reading the Little Red Hen, you can write about why it is important to help others. As you share the pen with the students, work at their level of independence. Making a list such as this is a great way to teach and model writing.


Here are some other ways to include interactive writing during your writing times.

  • Class made books        
  • Story analysis        
  • Class letter            
  • Names
  • Rewriting nursery rhymes and poems    
  • Student generated sentences
  • Schedules
  • Story maps
  • Sentence strips
  • Have/Can/Are activities

Structured Writing is an effective method of modeling, reinforcing, and providing practice in the use of conventions of print.  Through structure writing, children can practice basic grammatical and spelling conventions, practice using sight words, and spelling.

In Structured Writing, teachers provide a model for the children to copy directly onto paper.  Modeling begins with very simple developmental tasks that increase in difficulty.  Progression includes: Single letter formation, fill in the blank sentences such as I like ______. I can ride a ______, and then onto full word and sentence formation. Then the progression moves on to copying poems,


Following are some examples of structure writing activities.

  • Writing alphabet letters
  • Class-Made book reproductions                              
  • Fill in the blank sentences
  • Copying Sentences
  • Copying Poetry
  • Making Cards
  • Reconstructing and copying sentences
  • Tracing sentences
  • Filling out forms
  • Labeling (tracing or copying)

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