The Orange Ghost and Halloween Themed Activities

Deep in my file cabinet, under "H" for Halloween, I have music for the delightful song, "The Orange Ghost." Now I would love to give credit for this little treasure, but it has been in my possession now for 24 years, left behind by a teacher who began her career in the 1950's. I suspect it may have come from a elementary music text of that era.

 I have used this song now for quarter of a century and my students love it! And, they especially love to make the orange ghost! If you would love to get a copy of this sheet music, the poster above, the art activity, as well as 110 pages of learning activities, you will want to check out this Early Learning Thematic Unit developed for students ages 4-6.

This Cross-Curricular Thematic Unit Contains the following activities that are strategically linked to Common Core Standards:

Literacy Activities:
Pumpkin Smasher: Identifying Initial Sound
Mystery Letter: Identifying letters
Pumpkin Bingo: Identifying Letters
Trick or Treat: Using Onset/rime. 

Independent Activities
Ghostwriter: Writing Uppercase Letters
Fall Into the ABC’s: Tracing & Writing Uppercase Letters
Halloween Sounds: Matching Sounds

Math Activities:
Monster Math-Mash : Identifying More or Less
Candy Count: Building Equivalent Sets of Numbers
Missing Pumpkins: Ordering Numbers
Candy Match: Matching Quantity to Number

Independent Activities
Halloween Buddies: Number Recognition
The Great Pumpkin: Matching Numbers & Quantity

Writing Prompts/Word Wall
My Costume
Halloween Word Wall Words

Guided Reading Books
Trick or Treat

Class Made Books
Trick or Treat

Witch Stew: Making Conclusions Based on Observations and Experiences
Monster Slime: Following Directions to Complete an Experiment

Art Projects
Pumpkin,Pumpkin Puppet
Construct a Jack
Orange Ghost 
Triangle Witch
Pumpkin Lantern

Song Posters
The Orange Ghost (includes sheet music)
Ten Little Ghosts
The Old Witch
There's No Such Thing as a Witch (includes sheet music)
Halloween Is All Around