I Spy Alphabet Activity

I Spy Alphabet bottles are fun to make and fun to use! All you need is a water bottle, some rice or birdseed, and a handful of alphabet letter beads. 

Let your students scoop in enough rice or birdseed to fill half of the bottle - the smaller bottle are a perfect size, but any water bottle will work.  Add 15-20 letter beads; provide letter beads of any color or size as long as they fit in the top of the bottle. (If your students make name necklaces, this is a great way to use the leftover beads!) If you wish, students can also add other small objects such as colorful beads or bits of confetti. Finally, twist the cap on the bottle and shake. 

Students can now hunt for - and record - letters in the bottle. This project gives the students an opportunity to review letters in a fun way while providing a tangible alphabet tool to take home.