Skeleton Thematic Unit

D’em Bones
 The human body is amazing! It can lead to a number of different science studies including a study of skeletons. With Halloween around the corner, this is a fun time to learn about skeletons. Books, art projects, posters, playdough, letter (or word) and number (or addition) games, songs, models, and puzzles can add to the scientific information that you present. 

Although skeletons can give a Halloween atmosphere to your classroom, they are fascinating at any time during the year. Just find a few books and some supporting materials and you will have the beginning of a captivating unit of study. For learning games and related ideas, check out our Skeleton unit.

This "Developmentally Appropriate Thematic Unit starring Skeletons will thrill the students in your classroom or homeschool setting.

The Skeletal System is intriguing to learners of all ages, and Halloween is a great time to strengthen science knowledge of the human skeleton with a little bit of haunted fun! However, this unit is intended to be used anytime during the year to teach about human skeletons. 

All activities have clearly defined objectives and are strategically linked to the common core standards.

Activities include:

Literacy Activities
Six Swinging Skeletons: Naming and Generating Beginning Sounds
Black and White Party: Naming Opposites
Skeleton Dance: Matching Letters
Skeleton Dance: Matching Letters
Skeleton Town: Uppercase Alphabetical Order
Skeleton March: Identifying and Writing Alphabet Letters

Math Activities:

Skeleton Match-Up: Matching Quantity With Numbers
The Bone Yard: Counting Backwards
Skeleton Squeeze: Greater Than/Less Than
Collecting Bones: Counting and Cardinality
Skeleton Family: Writing Numbers

The Skeleton March
The Ghost of John
Bones: Metacognition Activity

Art Projects
Skeleton Construct

Q-Tip Skeletons: Following directions to make a skeleton.
The Human Skeleton

Guided Reading Books
The Skeleton

Writing Prompts
What I Know About Skeletons
Skeleton Word Wall Words (Realistic Photos)
Label-It Skeleton