Skeleton & Mummy: An Easy Halloween Art Project

We read this great book by Steve Metzger. In this story there are two skeleton friends, one of whom dresses up like a mummy to scare his friend! Following the story, we had a guided drawing lesson making a skeleton and mummy. Supplies needed are a large sheet of black paper, white oil pastels (crayons), paint brush, and tempura paint. The instructions for this easy project follow.
Find the center of the paper and draw the hips.

Add a spine and a skull.

Add a shoulder bone. Draw the arm bones and hands.

Add the leg bones.

Add The Ribs.

Draw a second skeleton to the side of the first. And begin to wrap this skeleton using paint.

Keep a light touch with the brush and you slowly wrap and wrap and wrap.

Paint the eyes and add a mask if you wish.

Voila! You have the two friends, skeleton and mummy!