Communicating With Parents

This summer I found an easy, secure, and private “Instagram” type application that would allow me to better communicate with the families of my students.

Kaymbu is an iPad-based parental engagement and documentation app for schools, which enables teachers to visually capture and securely share those "AHA" moments from the classroom with families. 

Kaymbu also streamlines the documentation of observations by automatically filing moments within each student's digital portfolio with just two simple clicks. Imagine capturing a video of a student reading for the first time, and then being able to securely share that video with her family, while simultaneously keeping that authentic classroom moment in her digital portfolio. 

To use, simply open the application in your iPad, click on the camera and snap (or video)!  Add a short caption and then click on your intention for delivery, a particular student, or the entire class! You can have the option to send now, or, if you select publish to report, these items will be automatically placed in the classroom digital newsletter that goes home weekly. I have chosen mine to be delivered on Friday evenings.

To begin this digital communication process, I simply asked parents to sign-up using their email address and then to sign permission for their child to be photographed or videoed. Then, after a few snaps, my students became digital All-Stars and their precious moments are recorded forever.

Simply go to and sign up for a free trial to take a look at this great product and see if it is a fit for you and your classroom.