Mystery Box Magic

Do you have a mystery box that you use for hundreds of things in your classroom. There is hardly a day goes by when I don't use one of mine to hold cards, objects, letters, etc. to play a skill based game. To make this box new and exciting, at times I decorate it to match the game or activity.

To make the cover I take a 11X17 sheet of construction paper, measure and cut to the width of the box. Then I measure the length of the cover to equal the three sides.  Next I crease the construction paper to fit the corners of the box (to make it foldable) and laminate.

This Cover is for an Alphabet Mystery Game

To prepare for the game, I simply cover the box by attaching the laminated sheet with a small piece of masking tape on each end. Here is a very simple snow scene cover that I use when I play some of our snow themed literacy or math games.

When , so I will have this box cover each time I need it, I simply fold and file.