Five Senses: Thematic Common Core Unit

This thematic unit, “Five Senses,” offers cross-curricular support with strategic activities in language arts, music, math, science, writing and art while studying a familiar scientific concept. All math and language arts activities are strategically linked to the common core standards.

Activities include: 

 Good Day
Five Senses

Guided Reading Books

Little Bear’s Five Senses
My Five Senses


Name That Sound: Using Hearing to Make Observations
It Feels Like: Using Touch to Make Observations
Taste Test: Using Taste to Make Observations
How Does it Smell: Using Smell to Make Observations
I Spy With My Little Eye: Using Sight to Make Observations
Pop Pop Pop: Engaging the 5 Senses

Word Wall: Five Senses Six Poster Cards
Writing Prompts: My Five Senses
Label It: Label the 5 Senses

Art Projects
My Five Senses:Portfolio Page
Five Senses: Coloring Page

Scripted Math Lessons:

Sorting Senses: Representing Numbers in Different Ways
Graph It: Graphing Categories
Tactile Number Hunt: Matching Quantity to Numbers (Using the Sense of Touch)
Math Workpage
Five Senses: Sorting Data

Scripted Literacy Lessons:

Feel the Alphabet: Identifying Letters of the Alphabet
Touch and Seek Letters: Using Touch and Sight to Match Alphabet Letters
Nursery Rhyme Time: Listening to Nursery Rhymes to Identify Rhyming Words