Developing Fine Motor Skills

Build your child’s (student's) fine motor skills as well as develop confidence by using these fine motor activities. Each category begins with novice activities and then moves forward in complexity; aiding development.

Table of Contents:

Cutting with Scissors:

Help the Airplane Fly
Chugging Train
Astronaut Journey
Alien Adventure
Frog Hop
In the Pond, Dragonfly
Robots I
Robots II
Vroom I
Vroom II
Cowboys I
Cowboys II
Cutting Shapes I
Cutting Shapes II

Using Glue

Glue Practice
Gluing Zig Zag
Glue a Star
Glue a Smile
Glue a Robot
Glue a Bear
Glue a Tree
Glue a House

Drawing Practice

Dot to Dot 
Drawing Vertical Lines 
Drawing Horizontal Lines
Drawing Curve Lines
Drawing Circles

Drawing, Cutting, & Gluing

Make a Tree
Make a Car
Make a Castle
Make a Dog
Make a Bird
Make a Person