Cinco de Mayo Thematic Unit

Viva la Mexico!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a grade way by using this great 136 page thematic unit that is strategically linked to the Common Core Standards.

Contents Include:

Scripted Literacy Lessons:
Cinco de Mayo: Attending to Key Detail in Text
The Sombrero Circle: Identifying High Frequency Words
Fiesta: Decoding Words With Blends, Digraphs, Silent E
Mexican Hat Dance: Fluently Reading Sight Word and CVC Sentences

Independent Activities: 
Fill The Piñata: Segmenting Words                                                         
de Colores: Using Spanish Color Words                                                 
 Mi Amigos: Writing CVC Words
Scripted Math Lessons With Independent Options:
Number Match: Matching Number to Quantity With Spanish Words
Party of Ten: Making Combinations of Ten
Jumping Beans: Finding Answers to Equations

Independent Activities: 
Maraca Equations : Writing Equations
Cinco de Mayo Math: Adding and Subtracting                                                   
Math Journal: Ten Amigos in All

Mexico Word Wall
Writing Prompts: Mexico

Guided Reading Books
Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Jumping Beans

Dramatic Play
Fiesta Supply Store

dulce de leche

Art Projects
Tissue Paper Flowers
Flowing Head Dress
Mexican Vest
Mexican Hat
Paper Bag Maraca

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