Castles & Fairy Tale: Common Core Thematic Unit

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Strategically teach the common core standards and have a lot of fun as well using this 122 page thematic unit. 

Contents include:

Shared Reading Activities:
Retelling a Story: Sequencing a Familiar Story
Once Upon a Time: Identifying Story Elements

Scripted Literacy Lessons:
My Kingdom: Distinguishing Between Similarly Spelled Words.
Kiss a Frog: Sight Words
Race to the Rose: Decoding Words
Spinning Gold: Counting Syllables

Independent Activities: 
Story Boxes: Retelling Familiar Stories
Digraph Pairs: Identifying Digraphs
Grandma’s House: Writing Simple Words

Scripted Math Lessons With Independent Options:
Knight School: Making Sums of 10
Climb the Beanstalk: Identifying Missing Numbers
Cinderella’s Shoes: Adding Fluently

Independent Activities: 
Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Comparing and Writing Numbers
Dance All Night: Telling Time
Rapunzel’s Tower: Comparing Measurements

Fairy Tale Word Wall
Writing Prompts: Fairy Tales, Dragons
Writing Center Activities: 
How To, Label It, Make a List

Guided Reading Books
Jack & The Beanstalk


Magic Bean Seeds

Art Projects

Draw a Castle
Castle Construction
Frog Prince Construct
King or Queen Construct


Poof! I’m a Giant