Names: Learning To Sequence and Write Names


Names: Learning To Sequence and Write Names


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Children who are in the early stages of literacy development are well served if they are familiarized with the letters that make up their own name. This will not only provide an important link between speech and print, it will help them attend to sequencing, orientation and details within the construction of a word.

The lessons of this unit will draw attention to and provide practice with writing and reading their own names and expanding the benefits gained to include the names of classmates.

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Table of Contents:

Water Cap Names: Ordering letters in names and transferring knowledge.
Name Puzzles: Building familiarity with alphabet letters and their function when spelling one's own name.
Name Cheer: (A variation of Name Puzzles): Identifying and sequencing the letters in names.
Shave a Name: Using correct handwriting technique to write names.
Rainbow Names: Spelling and writing names.
The "Nameapillar": Ordering letters in names.
Trace A Name: Tracing names using correct letter formation.
Name Fishing: Reading the names of classmates, then sorting according to beginning capital letter.
Name Dictionary: Alphabetizing classmates' names.
Names: A Guided Reading Book
Name Fun: Ten Additional Name Conquering Ideas
Name Game: Studying names of classmates
Name Chart: Studying names in a Morning Meeting routine
Mosaic Names: Spelling and writing names
Name Necklace: Spelling name
Spell-a-Name: Spelling own name and names of others.

Total Pages: 66

Great activity to do at the beginning of the school year!
Great for my first graders at the beginning of each year! This helps the students learn each others names and get to know each other. I look forward to using this every year for my names center also! Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for your creative ideas! Names are so important to our kiddos, first their own, then their friends! Great for all!
I really love this product! We use it all the time in my classroom!