Parent Volunteers: Recruiting, Managing, Maintaining


Parent Volunteers: Recruiting, Managing, Maintaining


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At the beginning of each new school year, teachers are excited to meet a brand new set of students and build relationships with a brand new set of parents. Engaging these parents as partners in their child’s classroom can be a daunting task. This packet is intended to make that task easier than ever!

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Engaging Parents
Determining Volunteer Needs
Help Wanted: A Call to Action Letter
Parent Volunteer Survey
Volunteer Guidelines
How Children Learn
Discipline Guidelines
School Safety Guidelines
Volunteer Feedback Form
Class Party: Call For Help
Field Trip Volunteers
Volunteer To-do List
Thank you notes
Learning Center Sign-up Sheet
Learning Center Substitute/Fill-in Sign- up Sheet
Volunteers At-a-Glance
Volunteer Log
Volunteer Brochure Style

Thank you for helping this first-year teacher get organized. It was the week before Halloween and I had no idea how to get parent help for a party!
We are setting up a parent involvement center at our school! This really helped! Thank you!
Great way to organize the volunteering! Thanks for offering!
Absolutely love!