Four Seasons Number Flashcards

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Four Seasons Number Flashcards


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According to the Common Core Standards, more time in the early grades should be spent on numbers (and number operations) than anything else in math. Number flashcards are a helpful tool for introducing and practicing number recognition. They can be used for games, activities, and flashcard drills. Flashcards have a place in the classroom from the beginning of the year to the end.

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Although a plain, no-frills flashcard set is needed in every pre-school and kindergarten classroom, variety greatly enhances learning. This packet presents six sets of flashcards to provide some of that variety. Each seasonal set includes the numbers 0-20. The plain set has numbers to 35 and the student set has numbers to 25. The sets include the following:

a winter set featuring a penguin
a spring set featuring a lamb
a summer set featuring a bumblebee bear
a fall set featuring an apple
a large plain set for whole group practice
a small plain set suitable for sending home with students

The four seasons flashcards are great for whole group drills and activities, but can also be used with small groups and individual students. Each set can be used for number recognition practice, naming numbers quickly, counting on from a number other than one, and sequencing numbers.

Flashcards are an important learning material. Check out these as well as our holiday and four seasons alphabet flashcards to add a little variety to your letter and number practice!

Gave these at a parent meeting to help students at home. Parents love them!
I am using these right now with my daughter. They are very nicely displayed and I like the variety. Thank you!