Teaching Syllables : Common Core RF.2b

Learning to read is crucial to success in school. Through research, educators have identified many skills that impact the reading process. These skills form the foundation for reading. 

The Common Core Language Arts and Literacy Standards address these early reading skills in the Foundational Skills strand. This strand begins in kindergarten and continues through fifth grade. Areas that form the foundation for reading are: Print Concepts, Phonological Awareness, Phonics and Word Recognition, and Fluency. 

One of the goals of Phonological Awareness is to help students understand sounds found in spoken words. Syllable, rhyme, and sound identification activities help students notice, isolate, and manipulate sounds, preparing them for phonics work as well as beginning reading.

This packet includes six activities to help your students understand the concept of syllables.  The lessons vary in style and format. Some lessons are scripted, others are designed for independent practice. Some lessons can be used with small groups while others can be completed with a large group. All lessons can be adapted to support struggling students or to challenge high-achieving students. 

Off To see the Wizard: Segmenting Syllables
Family Fun: Blending Syllables to Make Words
I Can: Sorting Syllables by Count
Syllable Sale: Counting Syllables
Animal Sort: Sorting Syllables by Count
Counting Syllables: Syllable Worksheet