Pumpkin Thematic Unit for Early Learners & Free Pumpkin Song Poster

It is October and pumpkins will be everywhere for the next couple of months!

Kids will be constructing pumpkins from paper, doing science activities, painting pumpkins, playing games with pumpkins, carving pumpkins, and more.

This product contains many "Pumpkin" and harvest themed activities to enjoy in your Kindergarten or Pre-K classrooms.

One of my favorite pumpkin activities is to have a pumpkin in the classroom that I leave out of the activities. It simply sits on a shelf and waits out the October festivities.

Why? Because of this lovely book! This fun to read tale is a twist on the "Ugly Duckling" and emphasizes another purpose for pumpkins that happens in November.  Any guesses?

As your class enjoys the study of pumpkins enjoy one of my favorite pumpkin songs and this free song poster!