Mother Goose

Oral Language Development and a Nursery Rhyme Program


The ability to listen, ask questions and communicate, together with a rich and varied vocabulary, will allow students to have an easier time comprehending text as it is read.In fact, some studies claim that developed oral language skills alone is the best indicator of future school success.

Singing is a very effective way to build these important language skills. Not only are songs filled with complex words and thoughts, children naturally love music! What better way to practice language than within the safety of spontaneous chants, rhymes, and songs.

Today we presented our program, The Land of Rhymes. The kids loved singing those dear Mother Goose Songs that have been passed down for generations, and that we have been signing since the first day of school. Students especially loved bringing those characters to life as they introduced their characters in the microphone and then danced and sang the songs.

If you also love Mother Goose, and perhaps looking for ways to better develop oral language skills, you might wish to try: