Animal Zoo: Early Reading Games

If you love teaching letters and sounds using lovable animal characters, you will enjoy this product: Animal Zoo: Early Reading Games.

Contents Include:

Animal Alphabet Flashcards
Alphabet Zoo Match-up: Matching Animal to Beginning Letter
Alphabet Zoo Beginning Sounds
Zookeepers: Letter Recognition
Write the Room: Alphabet Zoo
Alphabet Zoo Bingo

Not Another Worksheet, Please!

I have mentioned before that my grandson T is a kindergartner. It is great fun for me, because I love how he gives me teaching tips all of the time.  

So I asked T the other day what he does at school. "Well." He said. "First we fill out a paper and then we get a new paper and then we fill out another paper." I probably had a look of horror on my face because he said, "Don't worry Nana, we played a game once!"

I certainly hope that my students are telling their Nana's, "Don't worry Nana, we filled out a paper once!"

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