End of the Year

Meaningful Summer Homework

Are you looking for summer homework that will actually add to a child's summer rather than simply providing fuel for a summer marshmallow roast! 

This is one of my favorite, most useful products. As a parent, I wanted summer homework that was scheduled, quick, and meaningful. From that desire, I created this Summer Homework Calendar (June, July, and August).  You can pick it up at the TPT Store for only $3.00, or at our squarespace store below.

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Updated for 2018, this easy to make calendar offers ideas for parents to keep academic skills sharp during summer months in a very user-friendly way. 

Simply copy, add a class photograph, bind, and your students will have 3 months of productive summer fun and an adorable calendar to hang. Each year, simply check for the updates and you will always have the next's years calendar ready to go.

New this year, calendar has both color and black and white options.

You may also be interested in our monthly homework packets.

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The End of the Year Classroom

Yes! I am at school working all day Saturday on a beautiful 90 degree day (like probably many many other teachers). My washing needs to be done, my house could use a cleaning, my flowers and garden are long overdue in planting, I have STACKS of I will get to it this summer piles in my home office, I won't even speak of my closet as it is just to disastrous, and my husband is echoing, "When are you going to do this and this and this?" All of this is a sure sign that the end of school is approaching. Teachers all over, and of every grade level are SWAMPED with end of the year classroom Must dos! I only have 14 more days of school oh brother, I probably will have to spend the next two Saturdays as well!!!!

End of year classroom! 

This got me to thinking of the beautiful pictures that everyone posts of their classroom at the beginning of the year! I don't see many reality pictures of the end of the year classrooms, so to make all teachers feel better about their piles, here are some shots of my room.

The kids cubbies look like this

My guided reading/writing and assessment area looks like this

My "put away" piles look like this

My cabinet tops look like this