100th Day

100th Day for 100 year olds

The 100th day (or any day) is fun when you use this great aging app found at the itunes store:  Aging App


Check out our 100 day activities to bring the most to your celebration.

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The 100th Day of School: My 100 Year Photo

Our students probably think they'll never get old, but you can give them a preview of the future! Download an aging app such as AgingBooth, then take a picture of each of your students. The app will quickly add wrinkles and turn hair to gray or even white.

The pictures are funny and just a little scary - especially if you take picture of yourself! They will generate incredulous laughter and can lead to animated discussions. Follow this up with a writing assignment - When I Am 100!

Print the pictures to illustrate the writing, post on the wall (looking for a conference display?) and/or use as a fun portfolio page. The pictures even look good if you print them in black and white on your school copy machine.

This is a great 100th Day of School activity, but don't limit yourself to that time of the year. Try it anytime you want to spark the imagination of your students.

Looking for more 100th day activities? Check out our 100 Day Unit and/or or 100 Day Task Cards!

100th Day of School

My 100th day is next Wednesday, February 5th, how about yours?

As I am just beginning our class celebration of Chinese New Year, I am trying to get everything ready for a great, stress-free 100th day.

My favorite thing is to have 100 Day Free-Choice using "I Can Cards" with a few parents roaming around to assist as need. Check out my activity cards, I know you will love them.

We also have more activities and games here. 

100th Day

Kathleen's class in Idaho just celebrated their 100th day of kindergarten. It was a day full of 100 activities - counting objects, reading 100 Day books, writing numbers, and stringing Fruit Loop necklaces. 

Whether your 100th Day is long past or yet to come, counting to 100 has relevance in your classroom. According to the Math Common Core Standards, kindergartners should be able to count to 100 by ones and by tens. While some students begin the year counting to 100, most kindergarten kids need to count and count and count some more to achieve that goal. 

To develop and reinforce counting skills, I provide a variety of activities throughout the year. We play number and counting games during centers. We count various objects including pencils, crayons, pennies, marbles, and bears during opening activities. We count as we pick up or transition to a new activity, alternating between counting by ones and by tens. We also trace and write numbers on a regular basis to reinforce the count sequence.

Counting to 100 can easily be incorporated into your school day. If you’re looking for some games and activities to reinforce counting to 100, check out our 100 Day unit. Even though it is organized as a specific unit, most of the lessons can be used at any time of the year. Happy counting!