21 Costume Ideas for Teachers

Trying to figure out how to dress for your school's Halloween or fall celebration? How about one of these storybook themed costumes? They're sure to be a hit with your students!

The Mother Bird from P.D. Eastman's Are You My Mother?

Make bird wings out of brown felt (you can find some fun instructions here). Then tie a red handkerchief (with white polka dots if possible) on your head. Now you're the mother bird in PD Eastman's "Are You My Mother?"

The Coconut Tree from Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault's Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

To make this costume, hot glue bathtub alphabet letters onto some brown scrubs. Then attach some fake ferns to a hat or headband. Ta Dah! Instant coconut tree!

The Pigeon from Mo Willems Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus!

First, find a light blue hoodie, then use white, black, and yellow felt to add a stripe around the neck, giant eyes, and a beak for an adorable (and comfortable) Halloween costume!

Rainbow Fish from Marcus Pfister's Rainbow Fish 

Cut half circles out of multiple colors of felt and glue them to an old shirt. Then, attach some colorful fabric to the shirt using sticky back velcro (that way you can share your "scales" just like rainbow fish). Finish off with some blue or aqua colored leggings/pants. You can find more instructions on this costume here.

Strega Nona from Tomie dePaola's Strega Nona

For this costume, find a long skirt and a long sleeved shirt, cover these with a white apron and a short sleeved shirt. To finish off, cover your head with a head scarf and carry a cauldron.

Max from Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are

This costume is sure to be a comfortable one! All you need is a white hoodie, a paper crown, and a terrible roar!

David from David Shannon's No David!

All you really need for this costume is a blue and white striped shirt, some red pants, and a little attitude... unless you want to get really creative like this teacher and make yourself a giant papier-mache head!

Peter from Ezra Jack Keat's The Snowy Day

For this costume, grab a long red stocking cap and stick some wire in it so it sticks straight up. Then all you need is a red long sleeved shirt or jacket, some red pants, and red boots.

The Man in the Yellow Hat (and Curious George) from Margaret and H.A. Rey's Curious George books.

To dress as the man with the yellow hat, you'll need a yellow button down shirt, yellow pants, boots, yellow tie, and a wide brimmed yellow hat. Finish off your costume with a stuffed monkey (or your own little monkey).

Pete from James Dean's Pete the Cat books.

The beauty of a Pete the Cat costume is it can be as simple as a blue shirt, red shoes, and some cat ears, or you can follow this tutorial to make your own Pete the Cat face on an inexpensive navy blue hat.

Chester Racoon from Audrey Penn's The Kissing Hand

Find yourself some ears and then paint a raccoon mask on your eyes with face paint. Wear black and pin a striped tail on the back of your shirt. Don't forget your "kissing hand"!

Mouse from Laura Joffe Numeroff's If You Give A Mouse a Cookie

Find (or make) some mouse ears, paint your face like a mouse with face paint, and throw on some overalls for this costume. Then all you need is a cookie!

Caterpillar from Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Start with a green striped shirt and green pants (add some black felt feet if you feel up to it). Then make a cute caterpillar face on a cheap red hat using green, yellow, and black felt.

Olivia from Ian Falconer's Olivia

To be Olivia, you'll need a red dress and some black and white striped tights. Finish off with some cute piggy ears and a cute snout.

Corduroy from Don Freeman's Corduroy

Find some green overalls (corduroy ones if possible) and add a purple pocket. Unbutton one of the shoulders and give yourself some bear ears and a painted bear nose.

Paddington from Michael Bond's A Bear Called Paddington

Become Paddington Bear with a blue coat and wide brimmed red hat. The marmalade sandwich is optional.

Peter Rabbit from Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Find a blue jacket and some rabbit ears in order to become Peter Rabbit. Or use this tutorial to make your costume.

Eloise from Kay Thompson's Eloise

Eloise wears white knee socks, black shoes, black skirt, white shirt, and black suspenders. To finish off the costume, give yourself a giant red bow on top of your head.

Elephant and Piggie from Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie books.

You'll need a friend to pull off this costume. One person will need to wear pink and the other grey. Then make some masks or some animal ears to become this friendly duo.

Arthur from Marc Brown's Arthur's Nose

The key to this costume is the round aardvark ears and the glasses, but if you want to get creative, you can give yourself a long aardvark nose.

Papa or Mama Bear from Stan and Jan Berenstain's The Berenstain Bears

For Papa Bear, you'll need overalls, for Mama Bear, you'll need a blue dress with white spots and a spotted hat. Bear slippers would be a nice touch too.

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