Kindergarten Pre-Screener

With each new spring comes the tradition of Kindergarten Registration. One purpose for registration is for administrators to use the results as a planning and/or placement tool. But when a pre-screener is added to the registration process, a fuller purpose for these registrations comes to light. 

A kindergarten screener gives a child's teacher-to-be immediate information, rather than waiting until fall to gather important entrance data. This information can help with teacher planning and classroom organization. The screener can also determine any special needs and/or provide data to be used as consideration concerning intervention concerns. 

We offer a great pre-screener with both a paper and digital option.

This screener is meant to be given in the spring prior to a child’s kindergarten year. The screener should be given with the child’s parent or adult representative in the same room, but not in close enough proximity to allow for adult help or prompting. 

All student directions, tester prompts, and information for scoring are printed directly on the handy 1 page (front and back) easy to manage sheet. The results are then easy to tally and record points right on the sheet. 

For convenience, the following scoring rubric may be used to disaggerate scores.


Very Prepared for Kindergarten    80-95

Prepared for Kindergarten         65-79

Nearly Prepared for Kindergarten    50-64

Below Level                40-49

Intervention Recommended        0-39

If you wish to explore the digital option for this kindergarten pre-screener, sign up for a free trial at and use code B7227.


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Product Description

Kindergarten Pre-Screener Assessment

Screen your incoming kindergartners with confidence! Includes everything you need on one easy to use, double-sided sheet. Includes suggested scoring rubric to help with class placement and interventions.

Also includes a digital option.

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