Amazing Prizes Compliments of ESGI and Friends

Each day January 9-21, a winner will be selected by Rafflecopter. Yes, a winner every day for 13 days! The  13 winners will each win $50.00 worth of product from a Friends of ESGI store, and a FREE 1 year license to ESGI!

The 13th winner will win an iPad Krayon Kiosk, 4 iPads, 4 chairs along with ESGI for a full year!

It is Easy to Enter! Follow the Steps Below

Step 1. Submit an active ESGI Username

If you are not a current user of ESGI, click on the ESGI logo above and register for a 60 Day Free trial. Be sure to use the code: B7227 to save $40.00! Remember, no credit card is needed. The full-version trial is absolutely free.

If you are a current user, or you have your brand-new user name that you have just created, go to the Rafflecopter below, enter your USERNAME, and Viola! You are entered a chance for some amazing prizes.

Step 2. Score Extra Entries

Earn extra points by visiting the ESGI Friends' Blogs as listed below. Leave a comment on their ESGI Giveaway post, and then you can check off the "I Commented" in the Rafflecopter. Each blog that you comment on will earn you extra entry points. And yes, you can comment and score those extra 13 points every day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Day 1 Winner - January 9th: Kinder Gals/Kim Adsit

Day 2 Winner - January 10th: Sharing Kindergarten/Mary Amoson -

Day 3 Winner - January 11th: HeidiSongs/Heidi Butkus -

Day 4 Winner - January 12th: Kindergarten Kiosk/Kathy Crane -

Day 5 Winner - January 13th: Smart Kids/Jayne Gammons -

Day 6 Winner - January 14th: Mrs. Jump's Class/Deanna Jump -

Day 7 Winner - January 15th: Pre-K Pages/Vanessa Levin -

Day 8 Winner - January 16th: KFundamentals/Palma Lindsay -

Day 9 Winner - January 17th: Differentiated Kindergarten/Marsha McGuire -

Day 10 Winner - January 18th: Kreative in Kinder/Crystal Radke -

Day 11 Winner - January 19th: Kindergarten Smorgasboard/Greg Smedley-Warren -

Day 12 Winner - January 20th: Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten/Deedee Wills -

Day 13 Winner - January 21st: Aridan Books -