Thanksgiving: Teaching Thematically

Looking for a great Thanksgiving Song?

    I'm a very fine turkey and I sing a fine song.
    Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble.
    I strut around the barnyard all the day long.
    And my head goes bobble, bobble, bobble.

    And when Thanksgiving Day comes round,
    Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble.
    I'll go and hide so I can't be found.
    Then my head will still bobble as I gobble.

And check out this great Thanksgiving Unit:

This Thanksgiving unit is strategically linked to the Common Core Standards! It is divided into areas of literature, media, music, art, literacy activities, math activities, worksheets, science activities, creative writing, word wall words, and guided reading. The activities are clearly written, easy to use, and need limited amounts of preparation. 

Literacy Activities:
Hop To It: Identifying Letters and Sounds
Turkey Lurkey: Producing and Generating Rhymes.
Turkey Twist: Kinesthetic Practice With Letter Recognition
Dinner Rush: Naming & Generating Beginning Sounds
Thanksgiving Races: Developing Fluency
Rhyming Worksheet

Math Activities:
Turkey Guesses: Making Estimates
A Feast For All: Counting Objects to Show Physical Representation of Numbers
Thanksgiving Feast: Counting Forward From a Given Number in a Set of 10
The Turkey Dance: Identifying Numbers and Recording Results.
Thanksgiving Parade: Ordering 1-10 Ten Frames
The Turkey Bowl: Comparing Groups of Objects

Gobble Gobble Gobble
5 Fat Turkeys
I Like Turkey
A Very Fine Turkey

Writing Prompts/Word Wall (Style Choices)
I am Thankful For
Thanksgiving Word Wall

Art Projects
Handprint Turkey
Easy Construct Pilgrim
Construct Indians
Tangram Indian
Draw a Turkey

Guided Reading Books
Happy Thanksgiving

Social Studies
Pilgrim Kids: Compare and Contrast Facts