Parent Volunteers: Recruiting, Managing, Maintaining

At the beginning of each new school year, teachers are excited to meet a brand new set of students and build relationships with a brand new set of parents. Engaging these parents as partners in their child's classroom can be a daunting task!

There are many barriers that prevent parents from volunteering. In fact, when I think of my own typical day, a large portion of what I have on my to-do list will be moved to the next day because of time restrictions. These restrictions are felt by all.

So how are you going to get the volunteers in?

This packet is intended to make that task easier than ever!

Table of Contents
Engaging Parents
Determining Volunteer Needs
Help Wanted: A Call to Action Letter
Parent Volunteer Survey
Volunteer Guidelines
How Children Learn
Discipline Guidelines
School Safety Guidelines
Volunteer Feedback Form
Class Party: Call For Help
Field Trip Volunteers
Volunteer To-do List
Thank you notes
Learning Center Sign-up Sheet
Learning Center Substitute/Fill-in Sign- up Sheet
Volunteers At-a-Glance
Volunteer Log
Volunteer Brochure Style