August Homework Packet: Developmentally Appropriate For Early Learners

Because most kids are excited for the thoughts of new homework, welcome your new and eager learners with a "Developmentally Appropriate" Homework packet right away. This NO-PREP packet can be passed out at registration, orientation, back to school night, or even on the first day of school. The simple games and activities are fun, engaging and linked to standards. The packet is fun and easy for parents and child to complete together with nothing to return but a signed check off sheet.

These packets make homework a breeze! I copy the entire years worth of packets at the beginning of the year and place each in a ziplock baggie. I store these in a large plastic bin in my garage (keeping all months together). Then, when the new month nears, I simply go to the bin, grab the next month's worth of packets and take them to school. Some years I have simply sent these packets home in the baggies. For the last several years, I have used plastic homework folders. So, I simply take the returned folder, take out the last month's completed homework sheet, record it, put in the new month's homework, and then reuse the baggies.

As a bonus, all of the kindergarten-level packets come with a version with Spanish instructions. 

We offer all three levels for each of the 12 Months of a year. Additionally, we offer 3 Kindergarten RTI/Intervention packets for Fall/Winter and Spring with both English and Spanish instruction.